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francdesign | a branding, digital & web design studio, coral gables
A creative graphic design & branding studio with a passion to engage. Experts in BRAND|SOCIAL|RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN What can we create for you today?
francdesign is a graphic design and branding studio based in coral gables that offers creative services in responsive web design, social media, branding, advertising, graphic design and digital communications for a range business needs
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We’re a creative branding & web design studio with a passion to engage.

Our responsive and skilled?team are always inspired to take

your communication goals?to the next level…what can we create for you today?



with over 30 years of branding, web design + creative experience we can offer:


BRAND CREATION? |? We create memorable brands and experiences to convey your message

DIGITAL + SOCIAL? |? Integrated branding and messaging across all platforms

BRAND MANAGEMENT? |? We ensure that your brand delivers a consistent message and retains visual integrity

SOLID PRINT COMMUNICATION? |? Yes, we still do print and we do it well, with over 30 years’ experience

GRAPHIC + RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN? |? Solid graphic and web design?solutions that function across all platforms


a little about us

Creative Director / Founder

Based in Coral Gables, Florida, Founder and Creative Director Franz Franc has 30-plus years’ experience crafting effective branding and creative communications solutions for a broad range of clients and industries. Combining fresh creative with a finely-honed business sense, his team delivers solid solutions for corporations, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. Known for strong visual communications, social media, branding and web design, francdesign builds business for clients around the corner and around the globe.

hello...some of you may have noticed we have changed our name...franz franc design group is now simply, francdesign—approachable and direct. This is who we are and what you can still always count on when you work with us, as well as inspiring and engaging creative. – Franz


our featured work

Diabetes Research Institute
Diabetes Research Institute

Annual Report conveying the innovate research and the wonderful efforts to find a cure. Consistent color and type treatments within brand promotes awareness and overall brand messaging

Learning Matters - Educational Website
Learning Matters - Educational Website

Web design and Visual identity

Deering Estate Foundation
Deering Estate Foundation

Annual Report conveying the rich heritage of the estate

francdesign POSTS
we are your full-service creative branding and graphic design team


  • Cristina / 17 March 2015 1:53

    Congratulations on your new website! It’s fresh, clean and informative – just like the FrancDesign team. We look forward to launching our site with your partnership of course. ~Cristina

    • Franz Franc / 17 March 2015 6:59

      Thank you so much Cristina for the wonderful comments. We look forward to working with you as always and launching the new site..thanks for letting us be a part of your team!

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